The Culinary Trip started in 2017 spring.

Erasmus+ K2 project “Culinary trip through Europe” starts its journey from Spain in April 2017. This journey is put into practice by four Vocational Schools from Austria, Estonia, Finland and Spain and it gives the students of these school a practical sight into different topics, which are very actual our days.

The topics that will be covered are:

  • How to prepare traditional Cuisine with healthy background considering allergies;
  • How to prepare traditional Cuisine using new techniques in kitchen (sous vide, core temperature, IT-controlled-preparation);
  • How to prepare traditional Cuisine with Slow Food Philosophy and Biodiversity;
  • How to prepare ethnic food considering international migration and tourism (halal, kosher, Hindi).

The schools meet four times, starting from Spain in April 2017, in Finland in May 2017, in Estonia in October 2017 and in Austria in spring 2018.